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About us

Avstad-Thiébaut Global Ltd is a multinational conglomerate established in 2021 operating with its three subsidiaries Avstad Asset Management Ltd, Avstad Real Estate Operations Ltd and Avstad Modular Constructions Ltd in the financial, real estate and modular construction sectors.

Avstad Asset Management Ltd. is an investment and asset management company that provides investment solutions to individuals and companies.
In 2023, we will launch in the European Union and the United Kingdom our "Avstad" application, an online savings account for simple investment and monthly interest.

With Avstad Real Estate Operations Ltd, we transform run-down properties into beautiful ready-to-move-in residences, including services and amenities such as concierge, rooftop, gym, latest technology and all-inclusive rental (bills, furniture and broadband internet).

Our residences are designed and built by our subsidiary Avstad Construction Ltd.

We use modular construction to quickly build fully functional buildings in the heart of cities.

Our buildings are built in our factory, delivered in parts and assembled on site. 

Avstad Construction Ltd. can also build houses, medical centers, schools, office buildings for temporary or permanent use, for individuals, companies and public authorities.

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